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Mary & Border collie

Little dog Sitting

Emmett mixed Breed


Siberian Husky

Small Dog

German Shephers, doberman, bouvier

Family owned and operated with over 30 years experience in the Pet Industry. We are committed to serving you and your pet by providing the very best in quality and affordable Dog Training, Dog and Cat Boarding and Pet Supplies. We have a history of building lifelong relationships with our clientele, providing information beyond just the products and services we offer, allowing you to make informed decisions about managing your current pet, or in choosing your next one.  Because our pets are an essential part of our family’s life; we understand just how important your Pet is to you. We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to hearing from you..

Does Your Dog Have Good Manners?
......or is your dog

    ~Not Listening,
    ~Running Away,
    ~Pulling on the leash,
    ~or Eliminating in the House? 

Our proven expertise in understanding canine behavior and developing techniques for training all breeds is only a phone call away.

"When You Train Here Sit Happens"

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