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 Taking my dog to Scatter Creek  was the best decision I've ever made. We had a VERY VERY fear dog aggressive driven German Shepherd that we rescued - had no idea about him lunging at EVERYTHING. Though he was fine with my family, I did not feel at peace not being able to control him. We couldn't take him anywhere with out being skittish and my concern was that his fear would lead to biting. I called several trainers that would not work with him and Jim was (literally) my last hope. He was very diligent in working with my dog and after one CONSULTATION (not even a class) I saw changes in my dog - and me as well. I have been working with my dog for some time now and it has been 180 degree change. Jim enjoys what he does and you can tell by the time he takes with each individual client. He is well informed on how to train dogs (and YOU!!) The only thing I didn't like was that I couldn't apprentice under him :-) Highly recommended.
L. Warner

  Dear Jim,
It has been three weeks since we picked  cocoa up from her boarded training at your facility and we are still amazed at the results. The skills you have taught both Cocoa and the family have given all of us an improved quality of life. Your approach to dog training involves not just the dog but the whole family. It just wasn't Cocoa who learned to be a better dog, but we learned how to be better dog owners. Although the results were immediately apparent when we picked Cocoa up, we understand the techniques we learned are not a quick fix but a lifestyle change. Thanks to your customized training program, your extensive knowledge and experience of dogs and their behavior, we had the tools and confidence for success. Since her homecoming we have been working on her commands she learned at training. The ability to have her heel, sit, go down (and stay down), and come on command has given us such a peace of mind. We have become more comfortable as Cocoas leader and this has given Cocoa the confidence and freedom to be a good dog. We enjoyed being a part of Cocoa's transformation and extremely satisfied with the outcomes of her training program. I would recommend Scatter Creek Kennels and Training Services to anyone who is in need of an effective dog training program. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Rick, Cassey, Nina and Cocoa J.
  Dear Jim,
As you know we had a very bad behavior problem in our eight month old German Shepherd. She was very aggressive toward visitors and to Reita my wife. She also thought our nine pound Doxie was her play toy and was very rough with her as well.  We all loved her very much, but I was ready to give her up because I could not handle her chewing on my wife and other dogs. She just had no discipline at all!
we heard about you and decided to give it a try. I am very pleased to report thst after just three training sessions we have a totally different dog. She still has work to do, but what a difference. She is not chewing on Reita or our other dogs. She is minding me upon command.
I have not been easy on her because I wanted a good dog even if it meant that she would not like me anymore. Much to my delight she is more affectionate toward me than ever. She respects me and my authority now and we have a very good relationship.
Reita and I look forward to finishing our training with you and want to thank you for your guidance and very professional approach to training us as well as our dog.
Jim & Reita C.

Great Dane Diesel We have a 1 and a half year old male Great Dane named Diesel. He is a big boy and was previously extremely hard to handle. If company came over Diesel had to be put up due to the fact he would jump up on everybody and would not listen, he had very bad manners and was disrespectful to people coming into our home.  Trying to walk Diesel was impossible, unless you liked being dragged into parked cars or trying to keep up running with him which is what he liked to do. We had tried almost everything to get Diesel to listen to us, from clicker training to positive reinforcement to negative reinforcement treats and everything nothing was working, we were giving up and thinking Diesel would have to go to a new home. We had at 7 month old baby and between Diesel not listening and trying to take care of a new born it was becoming more stressful and a lot of tension in our home until we heard about Scatter Creek Kennels. We did the board and train method with Diesel, It was absolutely amazing how Diesel came back! I am now capable of walking Diesel around our neighborhood without worrying about anything now, Camping and hanging out at friends is not a big deal, he has his down time and knows it means down, when you say sit he sits, he has a much more calmer manner now than he did before. We can have people over and not worry about Diesel jumping up on people or being rude. Sending Diesel to this training was an absolute life saver. Without doing this Diesel would not be with us and our family would not be complete.  We are so thankful for Jim and his training for giving us our family back. I would defiantly and already have referred this training to many of my friends. Being someone who has tried so many different training methods and actually seeing one that works is amazing, you can really tell that Jim knows a thing or two about dogs, and how to train them. In the future if we decide to get another dog the first stop on our way home will be to Jim’s for some training!

Anthony, Jessica, Brailynne, & Diesel L.


Went to Jim to train my puppy. I was amazed! On the first lesson she learned so much! I was very impressed with the knowledge Jim provided. He knew how my puppy acted at home just by visiting with her for a brief period of time. He is the Dog Whisperer in Tenino!! Anyone looking for a great trainer should call Scatter Creek Kennels!!! Ruger

  Jim is very knowledgeable, and we couldn't be happier! He trained and boarded are vizsla while we were on vacation, and we came home to a well trained puppy! This is an honest, family owned business, and he is reasonably priced.  InMemoryofMyAngelEthan Voted King 5 Best Training.