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 Cat & Dog Boarding

All of our K-9 guests are cared for in spacious safe quarters in a warm comfortable climate controlled environment. Each dog is housed in either our 6 x 6 indoor area with an adjoining 6 x 14 outside run or an 6 x 9 indoor area with a 20 x 40 outside play area. Each area has it's own Stainless Steel water and food dishes and for your pet's comfort we exclusively use the "Pet Cot bedding system."
You are always welcome to bring personal items and bedding to make your pet's stay more enjoyable.
"Your pet is never doubled up or in the play area with other dogs!"


We have been feeding our dogs National Dog Food's "Super Premium Performance Food" for over 15 years, during that time we have never had any adverse reactions or negative effects due to diet change. We highly recommend and believe in Nationals Product line and that is why we provide National for your dog at no additional charge. However if your pet has special dietary requirements or you would prefer to feed your own food we are happy to do so also at no additional cost. 

CatteryCattery, Apartment

For our Feline friends we offer cozy and comfortable accommodations and always separate from our K-9 friends. Each cat is housed in their own two story cat apartment, with a separate litter, sleeping and eating areas. The 4 x 6 area includes a glass front with plenty of room for bedding and Room to play. While we can provide food we find that most cats do better on what they are accustomed to and ask that you provide their food.


We require all reservations to be made only by telephone. Please be sure to reserve your accommodations well in advance of any major holidays.
For Reservations or questions please call us at:
(360) 273-7725    

 Boarding Rates
All Breeds & Sizes Welcome

● Dog Boarding -- $18.00 per day

● Cat Boarding -- $14.00 per day

● Oral Medication -- No Charge

● Dog Walks -- $12.00 per 20 minutes

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● 10% Military Discount on boarding

* Please note you will be charged for the first day's stay regardless of what time you drop off your pet. You will not be charged for the following day if you pick up before 10:am.

Business Hours

● Mon-Fri -- 9am to 5pm
● Saturday -- 9am to 5pm
● Sunday -- 9am to 10am
● Closed all Major Holidays