Scatter Creek Kennels
Competition Training
Marion and Rotty
Marion at Regionals
Carl & German Shepherd
Carl's First Dog and First Big win
Judy with her Rott
Judy's First Win
Coaching Competitors
Lynne & Corro Regionals
Regional Champ Lynne & Corro
Gary & Iko USRC National Champion
60 yr old Gary & Iko
USRC National Champions
Shannon & German ShHepherd Dog Max
Shannon & Max with Coach Jim
Regional Championship
Shannon, Bill & Marie Regionals
1st 2nd & 3rd Place Coached by Jim

Dog Training Services

Everyone wants a harmonious, balanced and orderly relationship with their pet. We know you have a great pet, but……maybe you’re just a little overwhelmed by certain habits? These pictures are dogs and owners facing similar problems.
Notice the smiles?
This is their first Session!
Regardless of what others are doing we know that dramatic changes can occur quickly. Learning  a few basic techniques, making a few simple changes in your daily routine with your pet, and in as little as one easy session you can be smiling too.

It's that simple and easy, a Consult, Private Lesson or we can do the training for you, and these problems Jumping, Nipping, Digging, Fighting, Begging, Chewing, Aggressive, Hyperactive, Not Listening, Running Away,
Pulling on the Leash, Eliminating in the House and more can be eliminated.

Skeptical? Want to know more, view our Training Facts, Testimonials or about Jim Elder, or Contact us for more information: