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Board & Train

Jim & 4mth old GSD Bear

4month old German Shepherd Dog Bear in his 1st lesson.

Jim & Dee
Jim & Dee Training Lesson #1

Lab training with Jim
4 month old Moogly Day One

Malinois Training
Malinois Hugo & Jim First Session

Siberian Husky Training
Siberian Husky Kiria


Tracking Malinois

German Shepherd Dog Tracking

Mixed Breed Training

Mixed Breed doing training

Lab Harley Training

Anatolian Shepherd Training

Rottweiller Training

Labrador Training

Protection Training

Protection Bitesuit

Bite Helper

Protection Training GSD

Training Programs

Offering the highest quality dog training, if you desire a well mannered family pet or a high level competition dog we can offer a customized plan to fit your needs.
Outlined below is our basic training services. We have an outstanding history in Competitive Dog Sports as well in utilitarian areas such as Hunting, Tracking, Detection, SAR and Protection training. We are positive in our ability to greatly enhance your current training program. 
Our Training Facts, Terminology, and About Us pages offer further information and answers  commonly asked questions, philosophy and our training experience.

If you don't see exactly what your looking for or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Often behavioral concerns, training issues or many other problems can be successfully eliminated after one consult, lesson combination. We often recommend scheduling a consultation if your undecided about what type of training you want to pursue or if you have any behavioral concerns. The consult gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your pet, answer questions and better advise you regarding the type of training best suited for you and you dog.

What to Expect

The first few minutes you arrive we have a unique opportunity to observe your dog in a new environment. How your dog acts tells us a lot about who your dog really is beneath the learned or Environmentally Conditioned Behaviors you will describe as you begin telling us your story. Our observation along with your interpretation is where the learning and teaching process begins. During the consult we will:

  1. Evaluate your Dog
  2. Determine the specific problems
  3. Explain the underlying cause of the behavior
  4. Develop a plan using our unique Step Program
  5. Implement a Training Program specific to your needs while working with you and your dog.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are are a superior option to group lessons. We know that the best environment to learn in is private one on one sessions. All of the training we provide is in a quiet, calm setting, allowing both you and your dog the opportunity to focus on the specific curriculum presented during the session. We offer package prices for 5 or more sessions, the basic curriculum is Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Thirty Minute Down, Doors, Entries, and Gates, and  behavioral issues.

Board & Train

We offer a board and train option for those clients that either don't have enough time or would prefer that we perform the initial foundation training for them. The basic program is a three week minimum, the curriculum is Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Thirty Minute Down, Doors, Entries, and Gates, as well as covering basic behavioral issues. The program includes three private lessons. The first lesson is extensive and covers management techniques, behavioral issues, daily formal training routine and is designed specifically for you and your pet.

Protection Training

We offer training packages for this specialized training. After a consultation and thorough evaluation we will reccomend a training program  tailored to your specific criteria.

It's important to note that only dogs with a solid nerve base fearful, flighty, unsure or nervous behaviors will be accepted.



 Whether just for the fun of it, something new to do with your dog or for Sport related Tracking titles, we offer tailored tracking programs. We have coached hundreds of owners in the "Art" of tracking. 

Our proven expertise in understanding canine behavior and developing techniques for training all breeds is only a phone call away.

"When You Train Here Sit Happens"

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