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Dog Training Pictures

~ The adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" refers to the idea that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image.

Rottweiller Dog Training
Inga & Bella Lesson #1
German Shepherd mix
Ellen & Eva Lesson #1
Belgian Malinois
Amanda & Max Lesson #4
Doberman Pinscher
Karen & 5mo Doberman Trapper
Karen & Trapper Lesson #1
Wheaton Terrier
John & Marley #1
Australian Shepherd
Tom & Addie Lesson #1
German Shepherd dog
Adam & Enzo
Board & Train Lesson #1
Black German Shepherd
Lerona & Rex #1
Labrador Retriever
Brian & Meelah Lesson 5
Standard Poodle
Olga & Bert Lesson #1
German Shepherd Sable Dalmation  Lab cross 
Siberian Husky
Jordan & Kira Consult #1 
Yorky Terrier
Nancy & Bailey #1 
Border Collie
Mary Beth & Cooper
Siberian Husky
Carol & 2.5 yr old Logan 
Lauren & Golden Retriever Pete
Lauren & Pete

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When you Train Here Sit Happens!
John & Simba
John & Simba
Jeffery & Nova
Jeffery & Nova
Maggie & Midnight
Maggie & Midnight
Russell & Linken
Russell & Linken
Golden Retriever Casey
Golden Retriever Casey
Golden Retriever 4 months
4 month old Golden Retriever Casey day three
Brittney Spaniel
John Lesson 1 with Brittney Spaniel Rosie