Scatter Creek Kennels

Scatter Creek Grooming

Scatter Creek Kennels is committed to providing professional grooming service to our clientele. Using only quality shampoo and coat conditioners. Dogs are dried by hand using high speed blow dryers and  never put in a cage dryer. Dogs are always attended during the grooming process.

If you are boarding your dog with us please be sure to pre-schedule the grooming so your pet will be ready for pick on your scheduled return.


Grooming is available during our normal Business Hours Monday through Saturday by appointment only. Please call for a quote and scheduling.
(360) 273-7725

Grooming Services & Rates

Groom Rates

Typically a Bath, Blow & Brush for a small short haired dogs such as a Dachshund start at $25.00, and a Labrador would start at $45.00. We are happy to give an estimated phone quote based on your description if this is your first visit. However a firm quote will be given when you bring the dog for your scheduled appointment and will be based on size, condition and length of coat. 

Bath & Brush

Quality Bath, blow dry and brush out.-- Call for quote
Nail Trim-- $8.00
Topical Flea Treatment-- Call for quote
The Works
Quality Bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim and Topical Flea Treatment -- Call for Quote

FAQ's about Grooming

How Long will it take?
A lot depends on the condition of the coat and the dogs cooperation. You can expect 2-3 hours, we will schedule the pick up or arrange to call you when were done.

What if my dog's coat is matted?
It can be stressful, uncomfortable and downright painful if your pet's coat is matted. We can suggest alternative solutions prior to grooming.

 What can I do about Fleas?
After a Bath, Brush and Blow dry we can apply a topical Flea Treatment. However if your home is infested we recommend contacting a reputable exterminator.

How often should our pet be groomed?
Typically 4-6 weeks, however it really depends on the coat and lifestyle of your pet.

Do you sedate our pet?
Sedation or tranquilizers can only be administered by a Veterinarian, we would prefer that your dog was not sedated prior to grooming. Having the dog groomed more frequently with short pleasant sessions would be more productive.