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Tim Cruzer
Tim Cruser is the epitome of really good dog people, great Trainer/Helper in his own rights. Jim helped him for a few days before the North American Championship, with a minor problem in protection that would not have changed the outcome. Still Tim sent Jim a signed Magazine thanking him for the help and friendship.
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All About Scatter Creek

Scatter Creek Kennels & Training Services has been in operation andScatter Creek Yard professionally serving Western Washington, Lewis, Grays Harbor, King, Mason, Pacific, Pierce, & Thurston Counties with quality Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming, & Dog Training since 1992. Scatter Creek meanders through this picturesque and park like facility which is conveniently located south of Olympia and just three easy minutes from Interstate 5.  This calm and quiet environment will certainly be an enjoyable and peaceful location for you and your pet and is the perfect atmosphere for learning how and training with your dog.

Jim Elder ~Owner / Trainer

Jim has been training dogs for over thirty years, his techniques result from experiences while training with thousands of dogs and their owners. Jim has had the unique opportunity of working with great trainers in specialized fields of expertise in 6 different countries.
~ Schutzhund
~ Police K-9
~ Drug Detection
~ Personal Protection
~ Search and Rescue

and in more traditional arenas such as AKC obedience, Conformation/Show Handling, Home Obedience.


For 16 years Jim was seated on the Board of Directors of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America the largest Working German Shepherd organization in North America.
Offices Held:
~ Pacific Northwest Regional Director for 3 terms
~ Vice President for 3 terms
~ President 2 terms of office
~ USCA Working Judge #29.

Cascade Working Dog Association

From 1989 to 2005 Jim was the President and Training Director of Cascade Working Dog Association. During that time over 200 Schutzhund titles and degrees were awarded to its members competing at Local, Regional, National, and International Championships.
A few CWDA members accomplishments:
~ Lynne Lewis & Corro vom Pabst 7th at the World Championships in Linz Austria
~ Glenn Stephenson & Langhoffens Fax 2nd at the USA Nationals
FCI Team competing in Belgium, for a 99 Point Obedience score
~ Gary Brown & Iko USRC National Champion
~ Janet Noble & Rottweiler Bo placed 1st to Win the USRC Nationals and Placed 4th at the IFR World Championships.
~ Numerous CWDA Members with Regional Championships 1st place finishes

Jim has titled numerous dogs, competed nationally with a Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog, & Belgium Malinois, receiving hundreds of awards over the course of his career. However Jim will tell you "his greatest joy was not the wood and plastic he received but working with the dogs and helping people achieve their goals".

Protection Work

Jim was selected as the Protection helper for;
~ Numerous Pacific Northwest Regional Championships
~ United Doberman Clubs of America Nationals and Regional Championships
~ United Schutzhund Clubs World Qualifier Denver, Colorado
~ United States Rottweiler Club National Championships twice.
~ Jim had the distinguished honor along with the great Helper/Trainer    David Deleissegues in being selected as Helpers for the first Korung or ABST ever held by the USRC in America.

It seems in this day and age you can find  psychologists, psychics, behaviorists and just plain trainers on every street corner with some new age gadget or approach, Jim will be quick to show you there are no secrets, tricks, or magic in teaching dogs. Working with Jim you will learn how genetics and environmental conditioning shapes your dogs behaviors, how to block and avoid undesirable habits and to understand how the dogs body talks to you and in turn interprets your body language.

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